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School Evaluation Summary

I am familiar with using rubrics to evaluate students’ work as it is a great tool to show students what they need to do to complete their project.  I was unfamiliar with using the Maturity Model Benchmark.  However, it did not take me long to understand the criteria for each of the categories.  Early on in my evaluation process I contacted the Technology Chief Officer to get a better understanding of our school district’s technology plan.  After our conversation, I began working on the rubric, and I felt that I could successfully “grade” our district’s technology use.  As a teacher, even the Digital Integration Lead, I didn’t know what all went into the planning and funding of technology.  I wasn’t too surprised to see that my school would be ranked between Emergent and Islands in Behavior because the technology use isn’t integrated.  I feel that as some of the programs are made available, such as student email and OneDrive, we are moving forward to Integrated.

My school has four computer labs, two for keyboarding classes, six laptop carts (36 laptops each), and a class set (36) of iPads for teachers to use.  Even with the available technology, it seems that there isn’t enough to go around for the staff to use it when it fits in their schedule.  There is training available, however, there are teachers that don’t take advantage of the training.  For this reason my school is ranked between Emergent and Resources/Infrastructure.  The district has provided high speed Internet and sufficient WiFi capabilities for the teachers and students to access regularly.  The district is updating their Technology Plan that expired two years ago.  Even though it has expired, the Technology team is working on finding new technology in the classroom, such as the Promethean boards.

As I went through this process, it gave me a better understanding of our challenges that we have with technology use.  I feel that I can take what I’ve learned back to my administrator to discuss our plan to move forward at the school level.  I’ve discussed finding grants to help build our laptop resources next semester after I take my grant writing class.

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