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My Book Review


For my book review, I chose Digital Tools for Teaching by Steve Johnson. Click on the link to read my book review.

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One-to-One Computing: An Annotated Bibliography

For this assignment I was introduced to Zotero, an online file system that helped me keep track of the articles I reviewed for my bibliography.  I found it to be a quite useful tool because it help my articles for me to read at a later time.  I didn’t have to worry about saving them on the computer or losing them in my bookmarks.

This is the first time I’ve had to use APA for any research project.  I found Purdue OWL to be quite useful as I worked on my citations.  I also used it to become more familiar with an annotated bibliography.

As for the subject matter, one-to-one computing, I found it to be interesting.  I use laptops in social studies and I always wondered if there was enough research to show positive outcomes for the use of the laptops.  I found five articles that show laptops do benefit students’ learning.

Click on the link.