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Digital Divide/Digital Inequality


During week 6 and 7 I worked with a group (Andy, Brigid and Andy) to complete a Prezi presentation on Digital Divide/Digital Inequality (see link) for the state of Mississippi.  In the past I’ve had a problem with working in groups because I end of doing most of the work, however this time wasn’t like that.  We each took a role in the process and completed what we were expected.

What did you learn about multimedia principles in creating this artifact?  I’ve worked with Prezi in the past,so that wasn’t new to me.  I created the template for the group and I found a template that encompassed what our main idea was: climbing the mountain of digital divide.  Brigid added the narration and that is something I don’t know how to do.  I would like to go back and create a Prezi for my classroom and add narration to it.

What did you learn about digital divide and/or digital inequality that was new to you?  I really didn’t know anything about digital divide.  I knew there were some students that had access to the Internet, while others didn’t.  I also noticed that over the past three years there has been a decrease in the number of students that didn’t have devices.  So for me this was an eye opener.  I suggested Mississippi because of how low they are ranked in the nation when it comes to access to the Internet.

What do you plan to do with this knowledge in the future?  When I asked my students to bring in their devices to create a project, like Paper Slides, I make adjustments for the ones that don’t have a device.  I create groups of four students and make sure that at least one student has a device to record the video.  So far that has worked out.  If there isn’t enough devices for the students to share, I can borrow iPads from the library for a few days too.

How might you change/improve this artifact if you had more time?  I don’t think I would change anything.  The slides and narration really flowed together and the pictures were a great touch visually to the slides.