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EDTECH Graphic Definition

I used to create my EDTECH graphic definition of educational technology. Piktochart is an online tool that allows you to create an infographic or presentation. I used one of the templates that they offer to get you started on your project. The template that I used had seven steps originally, but it was easy to figure out how to modify it for my needs. The format of the text was easy to follow; you simply double-click to change it. As for the icons, there were several that I could use to communicate my understanding of each aspect of the definition. Finally, it was easy to convert the image to a jpeg file so that I could attach it here. I look forward to trying Piktochart for other projects.

What does educational technology mean to me? Educational technology is constantly changing to fit our current technological trend. Even as I was creating my graphic definition it changed several times as I began to construct the meaning. Each step of the definition is an intricate part of the whole, each one building on the previous steps. Without each part, there would be a flaw in the design. However, it does take some time to understand and build an effective educational technology program.

As I began to understand the definition, I realized that the learner needed to be part of the design. Their ability to use and understand the technology has to be the focus of how the technology is developed for the classroom. Introducing technology without sound research is like trying to plug an American lamp into a European outlet; it just won’t work. Also, we can’t have technology as a means to “get better test scores,” but to improve the overall education of the student to give him an edge in the rapidly evolving digital working world.  Students should be given the time to create and use resources that will help them have a solid platform to build on as technology advances.



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